Creating Seasonal Limited Edition Spirits – Setting a new expectation for Mindful Drinking

We are encouraged to eat seasonally, right? But what about drinking? Should we also consider consuming our beverages as consciously as we do our food?

Embracing this concept, we are doing things at Wild Diamond a little differently. Our philosophy is to connect people with plants, and deliver the essence of nature. In nature we have seasons, with each one delivering us a bounty of unique botanicals. These grounding and earthly delights are harvested mindfully and by hand to ensure only the best flowers, berries, leaves and stems are selected for each batch we create. We get to know each and every bottle as each one represents our alpine environment at a moment in time.

We are readily losing our local foraging places in and around Wanaka, and across the world where pure, non-chemical affected, nature grown plants can be accessed freely. The growing areas are narrowing, and urbanization is increasing. When plants grow in the wild, they face challenges… just the same way we humans do when put under a little pressure. It is these challenges like wind and water variants, and attacks by other animal and insects that stimulate the plant to create some of their most desirable constituents. And it is those WILD elements of the plant that are so special to Wild Diamond spirits.

This is also why Wild Diamond’s philosophy of connecting people with plants is so vital. We are passionate about the importance of our biodiversity, and the purity of our land, before it is all changed into something we cannot get back.

Our alpine environment has many exciting berries, plants and flowers still waiting to be combined. That’s why we embarked on this mission to match traditional gin botanicals with wild, local, seasonal ingredients to create an intriguingly smooth and rare botanical Dry Gin and Vodka.

Our botanicals are combined with grain spirit and pure alpine water, craft distilled and hand bottled right here in Wanaka.  Our Limited Edition range will reflect an ever-changing array of foraged botanicals, harvested at best point in their season and therefore each season’s batches will bring a little vintage variation, while upholding consistency.

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