Our Name: What Is The Wild Diamond?

The name Wild Diamond comes from the natural elements that surround the Southern Alps of New Zealand. It’s the diamond shape of the mountain reflected in the crystal lake. It’s the sparkle of the snow flake. It’s the shimmering of the aqua lake as the sun dances across it. It’s the glittering infinite stars of the dark sky. Wild Diamond’s name was chosen to link these natural wonders, our crafted spirits, and the spirit of our botanical-loving fans.

That essence of this Wild Diamond is captured in the clear spirits we craft in small batches, and in the hand harvested local botanicals from the mountains and fields surrounding Wanaka, New Zealand.


The botanicals in Wild Diamond spirits are selected for their quality and character from around the world, or harvested locally. Certified organic botanicals are chosen whenever they are available. As is always the case with plants, they are seasonal and their flavour is subject to seasonal changes. We do our best to bring you the best. Local botanicals are mindfully hand harvested, and foraged from the wild surrounds of Wanaka, New Zealand.

Our Stills

Wild Diamond has two Stills:

  • A pilot still – for research and development, small limited edition runs, or exclusive batches.
  • And a main still, which does the heavy lifting for Wild Diamond.

Our boilers are stainless steel, and our column and plates are top quality copper. The components of the Still were each hand chosen for their quality, so it looks and functions like a dream.

Renewable energy from wind and water is used to power the Stills, and they are run as efficiently as possible to reduce consumption. We support businesses that invest back into water and aquatic habitat enhancement, recovery and restoration.

Our Distiller

Claire Iredale comes from a professional background in Herbal Medicine, and this has brought a wealth of knowledge to botanical sourcing, and the research and development process involved in manufacturing botanical spirits.

A connection with plants and their components means that Claire is able to identify ideal flavour profiles, source best plant quality, extract these gently from the botanicals, and result in a botanical spirit that we hope you absolutely love.


Wild Diamond



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